Saturday, February 2, 2008

Trans-Continental Socks

These socks were started in Torrance, CA. They kept me company while I waited for my flight to Chicago, and they kept me company as I flew across thousands of miles of empty vastness. They kept me occupied while Kristen studied and attended meetings. They waited at Midway airport and again crossed the country, from east to west. then they accompanied me to Borders back here at home, and finally today, they were complete. Now they have been packaged up and dropped at the Post Office to make one more trip to Chicago.

I hope they will keep Kristen's feet nice and warm in the bitter cold and snow that Chicago is experiencing this winter. They were a pleasure to knit, with beautiful bouncy yarn. And I think I finally have the hang of the pick up and knit and decreases after the heel turn.

So time to get back to the Minimalist Cardigan. But it's also time to get back to teaching, so that will move along slowly. I thought I would complete it in January, but it just wasn't as suited to travel-knitting. Socks are such great travel companions! I have another lovely skein of sock yarn awaiting my attention, but perhaps I'll save that for my trip to New York (and possibly Maine)in April. And perhaps the cardigan will be done by then??

Las Vegas from the air

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