Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sock Knitting Continues

I'm still on the first sock (are people really knocking of pairs of socks in a week??) but it is actually turning into a sock! I turned the heel without too much difficulty. I picked up stitches somehow or other. (I hope that when I do it the second time I'll understand better what's happening. I felt so confused and was certain I was doing it wrong, it wouldn't work, etc. but I just bumbled through it.) I decreased back to the right number of stitches. And now I'm knitting away on the straightaway of the foot. So all that's left, after I get enough length, is to decrease for the toe section (which is just like decreasing for a mitten, so it should be ok) and then the beloved Kitchner stitch. For some reason I am convinced that Kitchner stitch will be easy. I know everyone stresses over it. But I actually have a mental image of what it involves and how it's supposed to work (unlike heel-turning, which made no sense to me at all.)

And then...another sock just like it. What could go wrong? Ha.

I think knitting is not so different from flying a plane. They say that consists of long periods of complete boredom interspersed with moments of sheer terror. Well maybe "sheer terror" is an overstatement in terms of knitting, but there are certainly moments of panic and frustration, interrupting hours of plain boring, ah, I mean relaxing,knitting. And when I get bored, I can stop and put the sock on my foot and look admiringly at it and feel its warmth. Nice!

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