Sunday, July 20, 2008

Snowflake Ear Warmer

I created this pattern by combining ideas from a vintage pattern called Hatband from here:
with a basic lace pattern called "Snowflake Eyelet" from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker.

The yarn I used is Cashmere Elite from Karabella Yarns. 100% cashmere. 25 grams, 82 yards (I used 71 yards of it.) I bought this at L'Atelier in Redondo Beach Ca for $26.50 a few weeks ago. The gauge given on the ball is 22 stitches per 4"/10cm on US 5~6 needles (3.75~4 mm) so dk weight. It could be done in a light worsted as well. Use something really soft because it will be tied up under your chin. My finished size is 4 1/2" wide, on 27 stitches. A little narrower or wider would still work.

So here's how I proceeded:

CO 3 stitches in size 5 dpn. Knit 12" of i-cord. (K3, slide to other end without turning and K3 again, continue till 12" long.)

Make 1 stitch using the Invisible Make 1 technique (explained at You lift up a single stitch from the row below, without twisting it and knit into it.

Now you have 4 stitches on the needle. Switch to size 6 straight needles.
Kfb in each stitch across. (=8 stitches). Turn and purl across.
Kfb in each stitch again (=16 stitches). Turn and purl across
K3 kfb in the next 10 stitches K3 (The 10 stitches have become 20, and you now have 26 stitches on the needle.)
K3 purl 20 K3
K3 K9 k1fb k10 K3 (You are creating a 3 stitch garter stitch border and within that border you have now increased from 20 to 21 stitches. Total stitches on the needle = 27.)

K 2 rows to create a purled line across.

K3 purl 21 K3
Begin lace pattern: (Note: I am including the 3 stitch garter border on both sides here.)

Row 2 (= first front side) K3 K4 ssk* yo k1 yo k2tog k3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k4 k3
Row 3 and all wrong side rows: K3 purl 21 K3
Row 4: K3 K5 yo slip2knit1p2sso** yo k5 yo slip2knit1p2sso yo k5 k3
Row 6: K3 K4 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k4 k3 (same as row 2)
Row 8: K3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k3
Row 10: K3 K1 yo slip2knit1p2sso yo k5 yo slip2knit1p2sso yo k5 yo slip2knit1p2sso yo k1 k3
Row 12: K3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k3 ssk yo k1 yo k2tog k3
(Back to row 1, which is K3 purl 21 K3)

*ssk looks best done as follows: slip 1 knitwise (as if to knit) slip 1 purlwise. Insert left needle into front of slipped stitches and knit.

**slip2knit1p2sso creates a single stitch out of 3. Insert needle into 2 stitches as if to k2tog, but simply slip them to the right needle. Knit the next stitch on the left needle. Slip the 2 slipped stitches off the end of the needle.

Continue in pattern until band is 16" from the i-cord (measure head from bottom of earlobe to bottom of earlobe. The lace section should be this long.)

End lace section with row 12. Then:
Row 1: K3 purl 21 k3 (27 stitches)
Row 2: Knit across
Row 3: Knit across on WS
Row 4: K3 ssk K17 k2tog k3 (=25 stitches remain)
Row 5: K3 purl 19 K3
Row 6: K3 ssk k15 k2tog k3(= 23 stitches remain)
Row 7: K3 purl 17 k3
Row 8: K3 (ssk 4 times) k1 (k2tog 4 times) K3 (= 15 stitches remain)
Row 9: Knit 15
Row 10: K3 (ssk 2 times) k1 (k2tog 2 times) K3 (=11 stitches remain)
Row 11: Knit 11
Row 12: K1 (ssk 2 times) k1 (k2tog 2 times) K1 (=7 stitches remain)
Row 13: Knit 7
Row 14: K1 ssk k1 k2tog k1 (=5 stitches remain)
Row 15: Ssk k k3tog (=3 stitches remain)
Transfer 3 remaining stitches to size 5 dpn and knit as i-cord till cord is 12" long. Bind off and weave end in.

If you live in a cold climate, this is something useful that can be made from a single ball of cashmere or (God help us!) qiviut.

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I love that idea and yours is so pretty!