Thursday, August 16, 2007

Get Back

I hope to get back to my sock knitting this week. Karen and Ben spent 8 days here, and we had a great time visiting all the Southern California beaches and theme parks. But that didn't leave any time for peaceful knitting. At the moment, my row count is kind of out of whack, but I'm just going to carry on with some of the cables a little shorter or longer than intended. I still haven't finished the second leg section, so I don't think I will finish the sock before classes start a week from Monday. And then before Kristen goes back, I want to make her Fetching fingerless gloves.

I fell in love with the minimalist cardigan in the fall issue of Interweave Knits, and ordered the yarn for it already. I won't plan to actually start knitting it till after Christmas. I think the January-May time slot is perfect for making my first sweater.

This pattern:

In this yarn:

Ah, edited to add that the yarn arrived today. It is Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino, a 55% Suri Alpaca/45%extra-fine merino blend in color 1977, ordered online from Webs ( Webs screwed up Kristen's order earlier this year, but this time the order arrived very quickly with no difficulties. I am really looking forward to getting started on this sweater. The yarn feels wonderful, a lovely warm pink color in a weight that's a little on the fine side of worsted. Now I want to run out and get size 7 needles and knit up a gauge swatch. Hmmm, need to finish socks and Fetching.....!!

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